Makeup Station Large With Bluetooth Speakers, Usb and Power Point-XOXOXO BLACK DIAMOND AND ROSE GOLD

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The XOXOXO XL  Makeup Station WITH BLUETOOTH is the perfect portable make up case on wheels for all  beauty lovers. This top quality beautiful design is portable and lockable for security. The case looks FABULOUS and is very durable.

 BUILT IN BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS -Life is too short to live without TUNES

XOXOXO XL Makeup Station features:

  • Built in dimmer - this is the blue button built into the screen.
  • Built in Bluetooth Speakers
  • Six energy-efficient LED bulbs, saving energy, lasts longer and protects cosmetics from heat.
  • Aluminum Frame Case + ABS
  • Removable 3-tier partition & compartment box with dividers, adjustable -Configure this any way you like!
  • Hair styling station (on extendable handle) - see picture
  • USB and power outlets -charge your phone on or plug in any beauty appliances -ULTRA HANDY!
  • Plenty of storage.
  • The legs are  adjustable and stored inside the case.
  • All this in one GLAM case on 4 wheels - easy to transport
  • Available in 2 colors (Black Glimmer and Rose and White Diamond)
  • Dimensions: 580 x 450 x 228mm  Weight: 17.5KG



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