March 05, 2020 3 min read

Australian Outdoor Rug 

Rugs are a piece of art, often confines to the indoors but are excellent decor items when placed on to patios, gazebos, decks etc. Whatever outdoor rug you pick from our website Xcelerator online, it can withstand all the harsh weather conditions.  We have a huge range of designer recycle plastic rug here in our store for you. A wide variety of colors, patterns and sizes are available that make your outdoor areas look fabulous. 

Enjoy and experience of bringing the outdoors inside by decorating with one of our outdoor rugs. Take your recycled plastic rug with you when you go camping, glamping, to festivals, picnics etc.

Recycled outdoor plastic rugs from Xcelerator online.

Our rugs or a recycle matwill withstand the harsh Australian climate that’s why these rugs are made of 100% recycled polypropylene . The rugs are reversible and Top Quality. 

Recycled plastic has made its place in this world due to many applications. As alone these polypropylene fibers from which rugs are made can withstand exposure to sunlight.

 Durable rug 

Polypropylene rugs are are in high demand due their extended-lasting properties. Polypropylene is used for making toys, food packaging, those waste materials are then recycled to get an incredibly sturdy but highly durable rug. As though, it is named as made through recycled plastic so it may sound like a hard and tough thing, but these are surprisingly soft to touch. So yes these rugs should be preferred because they can withstand heavy foot traffic, all kinds of weather, wear and tear having long-lasting color. The most important thing is that they are always cost-effective, giving no burden to pocket. 

For heavy-duty outdoor rugs recycled plastic rugs mainly polypropylene are the best fitting. These rugs are abrasion resistant, UV resistant, mildew resistant and also quick drying. Their colors won't fade, so this is the best choice when we talk about outdoor decor. 

These rugs are ideal for poolside areas where it can withstand Sun rays and water exposure. You can fall in love when using these rugs for sophisticated porch areas with high foot traffic.

Recycled Plastic Rugs: The most colorfast fiber 

Colorfast rugs always give the right feeling, but this property should be long-lasting as faded rugs are unsightly.These outdoor recycled plastic rugs are best when it comes to holding of color, no worries either you are living in hot areas or coastal areas. In tropical regions, it will resist fading from UV rays coming from the sun as well as resistance to water damage too in coastal areas. Further, you can protect it or can extend its lifespan by regular cleaning, dry it when getting wet and store it when not in use mostly in winter season when outdoor activities are reduced to minimal. 

Cleaning of recycled rugs 

Rugs require maintenance and cleaning for its prolonged-lasting usage. For wool rugs, you have to spot cleaner on one corner to check whether it harm the color of rug or not. But while using recycled plastic rugs you do not need to worry. Easy to clean - just hose off.

Cost effective outdoor rug 

Other than recycled plastic rugs, wool rugs are a burden to pocket. A high-quality carpet should always be the priority, but it should be cost-effective too. So for this recycled plastic rugs are the best choice, because you are going to purchase a high-quality rug that can last for a long time and very much cost-effective. In other words, you can have high quality at a low price. It is also human psychology that he is always looking for the best quality product that is cost-effective too, so go and grab the best-recycled plastic rugs from Xcelerator online. These rugs are not the burden for pockets because they are made from recycled plastic and are machine-made. So buying these rugs are a wise decision. 

If you are confused which design and color suits the design of your patios, gazebos or any other portion, then get in touch with us? We will provide you the suggestions which rug is best for your particular outdoor functionalities.